Christening Custom Made Dresses

Heirloom Christening Dresses, Coat Dresses, Silk, Linen & Lace by Precious Few Infant Wear. Each Gown can have Monogram Embroidered Initials. Choice of Blue, Yellow or Pink $12.00

The Heirloom Gown Some families are fortunate enough to have heirloom gowns that have been passed down from one generation to the next. For those who do not, modern parents are embracing nostalgia and purchasing heirloom quality gowns so that they might start a new family tradition. Because Christening gowns are considered unisex, they can be worn by each new child in the family, regardless of gender. Most families choose to share their gowns among their extended brood so that brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles may all share in the tradition by donning the same Christening gown. Once a child has been baptized in the gown, the family typically records the occasion by marking the infant’s name, baptismal date and location in a keepsake document such as the gown’s box or a family bible. Others choose to embroider the dress itself with a monogram. These cherished traditions create a lasting heirloom that is treasured for generations to come.

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